About Us

About Us

Our History


Jerome Fechter & Sons began out of the family farm in Cedarburg, WI with three milk trucks and delivered to the local area.


Acquired 1st semi-truck for milk route.


Acquired 2nd semi-truck for milk route.


Expanded delivery area for milk route outside of local/Wisconsin.


Expanded business and became first contract carrier ever for Quad Graphics/Duplainville Transport.


Expanded business and became contract carrier for Forward Air Freight and operated semi-trucks as JBF Transport.


Jerome Fechter & Sons and JBF Transport combined and reincorporated into Double J Transport with a six truck fleet.


Sold the family farm and leased a 5000 sq ft terminal/office in the Jackson Industrial Park and grew to a thirty-four truck fleet.


Jerome E. Fechter retired and Jerome B. Fechter solely owned and operated Double J Transport.


Keith Fechter joined Double J Transport as a part time diesel mechanic.


Business expands and become a contract carrier for Leonard’s Express. Keith Fechter became full time employee.


Planned construction for new terminal due to consistent growth rate of 10-15% year over year and outgrowing space.


Keith Fechter became partner and Vice President of Double J Transport.


Double J Transport moved from Jackson Industrial Park to current terminal.


200 trucks in fleet.

Aug. 2022

Acquired Pine Hills Trucking Inc based out of Beaver Damn, WI, increasing fleet to over 200 trucks.

50 Years & 3 Generations

From the supportive and welcoming office staff to mechanics trained to find and fix equipment before problems happen, Double J Transport is a great transportation company that expresses its values in business every day and at every opportunity.

In 1965 in a small town 20 miles north of Milwaukee, Jerome Fechter & Sons began with three milk trucks for local deliveries. From those humble beginnings and hard work, the business slowly grew to include an expanded milk delivery route outside of Wisconsin and continued to grow using two new semi-trucks. After becoming contract carriers, Jerome Fechter & Sons combined with JBF Transport to become Double J Transport with a fleet of six trucks.

The business continued to flourish under the guidance of Jerome E. and Jerome B. Fechter, adding a third generation, Keith Fechter, to its ranks. Over 50 years after it started, Double J Transport has 180 trucks in its fleet, with a client list including Quad Graphics, Forward Air Transportation Services, and Leonard’s Express.

By focusing on growing the business to serve not just Wisconsin but the entire continental United States with safety as priority number one, three generations have guided the company from three milk trucks and local delivery routes to a fleet 180 trucks strong. Their insistence on proper maintenance of their fleet, strategic vision, and investment of time and hard work have made Double J Transport what it is today – a leader in transportation.

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Our Equipment

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Double J Transport has some of the best equipment in the industry. We care about maintenance and safety for our drivers, as well as the motoring public.

Double J Transport is a long term contract carrier for these respected companies


Duplainville Transport, Inc.

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